How to fix cracks in your house`s foundation?

How to fix cracks in your house`s foundation?

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Cracks on house foundations can mean a lot to Houston house owner. There is various type of cracks of which some are dangerous and if not attended to, may lead to your house collapsing. A can help because some cracks are not hazardous and can be repaired. Concrete, which consists of gravel, sand , cement and water may form a crack when the water evaporates as the concrete shrinks after becoming hard, as a result, a crack if formed.

Large cracks need expert analysis and if noted, call structural engineers for a close evaluation of the likely impending hazard. Cracks which are larger than ¼ inch wide can mean a structural problem of your house, call structural or civil engineers immediately to try to mitigate the hazard.

Here is a step by step guide of repairing minor cracks in the foundation of your house as explained by foundation repair Houston.

List of items you should have for foundation repair:

  • Sledgehammer
  • Cold chisel
  • Dry patch powder
  • Latex
  • Trowel

Clean the cracked area

Before the initial foundation repair process of repairing the crack commences, make sure that the crack by removing the dust and any other dirt that may be there which can prevent the concrete patch from sealing the crack effectively. Chip any loose material using a chisel or any tool that you find it effective.

Mix the concrete

Mix the concrete with latex and not water. The latex will give patch some added advantage like elasticity and adhesion. It is advisable to add some paste to counter the dying effect which happens very fast during the foundation repair process.

Wet the crack with water

Before applying the patch in the crack, mist the crack with water to remove the drying effect which may make the concrete in the crack to draw some water from the patching material which may not augur well.

Smoothen the patch

To make the foundation repair patch more pleasant and appealing, remove the excess patching material that could have spilt in the surrounding using a trowel and scrape it meticulously to create a textured finish.

Masonry painting

After the patch has cured for at least two weeks, although it may not be necessary to some people, paint the patch or the entire foundation with masonry paint to seal any evidence of a crack or repair. This act makes your house regain the lost beauty. It now appear as good as new.

There are other methods of foundation repair. These methods are ideal for large cracks. They may be expensive than the home remedy procedure above, but very necessary for large cracks. Slab jacking and hydraulic jacking are the other used alternatives and are used to repair serious crack on slabs and foundations. These two methods are very expensive and require some expertise.

In conclusion:

Before repairing doing a foundation repair of your house, you should first consult structural engineers to evaluate the extent of the crack. A cause of the crack should also be established and measures taken to prevent the occurrence of the cracks. Check more foundation tips with foundation repair Houston.

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