5 Questions You Must Ask About Foundation Repair

5 Questions You Must Ask About Foundation Repair

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Foundation repair Houston can be quite tricky. When the foundations are in disarray you truly never know what could happen but that is why you absolutely must call in a repairs expert as soon as you spot the problem. However, while calling a foundation repair company can seem very easy, it can actually be a little hard simply because you want the best and you have to protect yourself too. The following are five questions you must ask when you are searching for a new foundation repairs company.

How Much Experience Do You Have With Foundation Repair?

When you want to know more about foundation repair you have to know more about the person who is doing all the work. You need to know how long they have been in business and how long they have been specializing in Houston foundation repair. Now, firstly, you should note that just because a company is new, it doesn’t mean the contractors aren’t worth using. Usually, contractors who go into business for themselves have been working with other companies in the past before they decide to go out on their own. When you want an expert you need to ensure they have experience with foundations.

Are You Licensed And Fully Qualified?

Foundation repair is tricky and it can’t usually be handled by just anyone. The very first question you have to ask a repairs contractor is are they fully qualified and licensed to work on foundation repairs. It is in fact an obvious question but one which absolutely must be asked because surprisingly there are still a lot of contractors who aren’t licensed to work on foundation repairs. However, when you ask the question you know they are going to show their qualifications and it gives you peace of mind.

How Will You Approach The Situation?

Next you have to know how the foundations are to be repaired. Sometimes, the work is vast and that does potentially require the homeowner to move out while the work is handled. However, you need to know everything about the problems, how long it will take to repair and how the contractor will correct the issue. This can often give you peace of mind more than anything else. Foundation repair Houston is complicated and if it isn’t handled in the right manner things can go wrong very quickly.

Do You Have Insurance Should Something Go Wrong?

There are reasons why insurance is necessary and if you do not ask the crucial question of whether or not the Houston foundation repair company has insurance can make all the difference. If something should go wrong you are potentially going to be left out of pocket and that isn’t right. That is why you have to ask whether or not they are fully insured. It could potentially make all the difference in the future.

Do You Have Workers Comp?

You might not think workers compensation is something you have to worry about as a homeowner but in fact you do. If you choose a repairs company who isn’t qualified or insured and someone is hurt you may be liable for their injuries since it has happened on your property. However, when a legitimate company has workers comp then usually if something should get hurt, the insurance will cover them. This is a crucial question to ask when dealing with foundation repair Houston.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask the Hard Questions

No one likes to question their contractor because you aren’t a foundation expert and it can be quite awkward. However, legitimate contractors don’t care what you ask them; they know you have to feel at ease and comfortable and are usually willing to answer whatever questions asked. Don’t be afraid to ask a few important questions because it can make all the difference later. Foundation repair is a serious matter and if you aren’t able to get the answers from your contractor, you can’t feel at ease – ask the questions, you won’t regret it.

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